CCD Clampless Computerized Wheel Aligner (GTWA-100)

CCD Clampless Computerized Wheel Aligner (GTWA-100)


All Based On Material Objects, No Prior Notice If Any Technical Improvements
1.Patent structure: Afoldable integrated structurewith sensors and clamps,moreanti-konck and crashresistant.
2.Simple operation:Eccentric compensation done.
3.Adaptability:it fits different type car lifts, as well as different sizechassis with different car models. saves
associated equipment cost, and there is no needed change clamp seven working on 530-760mm
hub models.
4.Interchangeable sensor:there is interchangeability among sensor opposite angles. they work without recalibration
after interchange.
5.Cycling power:sustained power supply with intellingent automatical cycling power system.
6.Superior precision:high repeatability and accuracy measure results.
7.Wireless transmission:2.4G intelligent transmitter,and high anti-interference performance as blue tooth.
8.Date exchange:uptoday operations of tware,unlimited extending functions, upgrade via internet, car owners
can add new data to data base them selves.
9.Tri-navigation operation:you can operation through voice reminding. image,multi language words.
10.Intelligent operating system:alignment can synchronize date through WIFI by tablets,mobile phones for that
technicians can observe the live date from tablet or mobile phones.
Portable Type
11. Portable 12.Measurement of main figures
13. Apps on Smartphone and tablet, convenient usage
14. Both Hubcap-clamps type and Tyre-clamps are available


618-2 IMG_20140812_094007 618-1 618-3

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Is this all the picture of the alignment machine? and how much does it cost,? Thanks.


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